About Us

Only a good story could begin with sock monkeys, right?

Sadie Grea is a family business, and a lifelong dream come true for Lauren and Melissa, the Sadie Grea mother-daughter team.

As a child, Lauren's passion for sewing began when she learned to hand-sew doll clothes from old socks. At the age of 12, her father bought her an old Singer sewing machine, and she used this to perfect her sewing techniques throughout high school and the early years of her marriage. 

During the first few years of marriage, money was tight with two small children and husband in college. To bring in extra money to pay bills, Lauren babysat during the day and sold hand-made sock monkeys that she would sew at night.

Lauren passed down her love of creativity, crafting, fashion, and all things beautiful to her daughter Melissa, who also learned (of course) at an early age the art of sewing sock doll dresses.

Melissa had three children of her own, and looked for an extra way to support her family. Lauren and she decided to pursue together the dream of a lifetime: a clothing business. After all, their family's fashion mantra is "flashy; never trashy", which was a favorite saying of Shirley Bolling, Lauren's mother and Melissa's grandmother, who loved all things fashion.

'Sadie' was Shirley's nickname, and 'Grea' is a family named passed down that is shared by both Lauren Grea and Melissa Grea as their middle names. Thus the name 'Sadie Grea' for our flashy never trashy family boutique was born!

In 2014, Lauren and Melissa shared their love of fashion and creativity with you by launching Sadie Grea, a children's, infant's, youth, and women's clothing and accessory store. 

We hope you enjoy browsing!